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Graham Clay

Co-Founder, Primary Writer, and Consultant

You can find more about Graham at his boring academic website, but here are the relevant bits:

  • He got his PhD in Philosophy in 2019 from the University of Notre Dame. His main research project is a historically-informed inquiry into argumentation and the ways that our minds form beliefs in response to arguments.

  • He teaches Philosophy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he got his BA in Philosophy and Economics.

  • He has taught 600 students across 7 courses (17 sections), at UNC-CH, the University of Notre Dame, and at Fort Lewis College.

  • He has taught in-person courses, hybrid courses, online synchronous courses, and online asynchronous courses.

  • He has several teaching certifications related to online teaching, accessibility, and tech use.

  • He is a founder of three tech-startups. One is focused on integrating AI with philosophical research databases, another is developing a philosophy app, and the other is focused on tech integrations for teachers in higher education (AutomatED is a “division” of the latter).

Caleb Ontiveros

Co-Founder, Writer, and Advisor

Caleb is currently the founder of Stoa. He has experience in startups, technical roles, and academia.

  • He received his MA in philosophy at the University of Notre Dame in 2016.

  • He’s worked as a software engineer at fintech and AI startups in Silicon Valley since 2017.

  • He’s the founder of Stoa, a Stoic meditation and education app. It’s been downloaded 100k+ times and has a 4.8 App Store rating.

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