Designed specifically for higher education, our custom GPTs are designed to help professors, learning specialists, instructional designers, and other educators with a range of tasks.

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Note: You don’t need ChatGPT Plus to access these custom GPTs — they are free to use — although you do need it to create your own.

Free and Publicly Available GPTs

Course Design Wizard

Helping professors and other university/college educators create better assignments, rubrics, and course syllabus policies in the AI era.

Handwriting Digitizer (+ Send to Docs)

Helping you digitize handwritten notes and handwriting more generally. Can output them to your Google Docs.

Data Security

By design, our custom GPT does not put any of your data at risk. The communication with Google Docs is secure and managed via OAuth, ensuring that your data remains protected. This secure communication is beyond our direct control, relying on the robust security infrastructure provided by Google.

Scope of Permissions

The integration with Google Docs requires only minimal permissions:

  • Create New Google Docs: Our custom GPT can create new Google Docs.

  • Edit Created Docs: It can only edit the Google Docs that it has created.

We do not request to access, view, or edit any other documents, ensuring that your existing Google Docs remain untouched and secure.

Our custom GPT does not require any "sensitive" or "restricted" scopes. The permissions requested are limited to creating new documents and editing those it creates, aligning with best practices for minimal permissions and data privacy.

✨Premium GPTs

These are exclusive to our ✨Premium subscribers.

Feedback Accelerator

Helping professors and teachers convert their notes on the strengths and weaknesses of student submissions into high-quality and impactful feedback paragraphs.

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