✨Beta Access to AutomatED's College Assignment Wizard GPT

After more than a month of development work, the Beta of our first AI agent is ready for our Premium subscribers.

[image created with Dall-E 3 via ChatGPT Plus]

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In this fortnight’s Premium edition, I ring in 2024 with the link for the Beta version of AutomatED’s university-level assignment creation GPT — an AI wizard that helps professors develop assignments and assessments.

If you want help creating or refining your assignments and assessments for the spring 2024 semester, you have come to the right place!

We have been hard at work developing a custom GPT that acts as an AI assistant for this sort of task: the AutomatED College Assignment Wizard.

It is informed by a range of educational research and pedagogical resources that we have written and curated, along with a carefully crafted set of instructions that prompt it to save you time and improve your teaching practice and course design.

Our Alpha testers have found that it is excellent at customizing its advice and recommendations to their needs. They have found that it is consistently surprising them with its creative and innovative assignment suggestions and modifications — and that it is much more useful than a generic LLM like ChatGPT4 or Claude 2.

But we want you to give it a whirl and see its utility for yourself. So, here is the link to the Beta version:

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